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We hope you, your family and friends are in great health.

Welcome to our Newsletter, August 2016 edition. We are sorry that it took us so long to publish this edition.

Firstly we would like to say our enormous thanks to our wonderful sponsors and volunteers, many of you have been with us since we started this foundation in November 1999. You have been supporting us with your energy, funding as well your knowledge, ideas and skills.  Words are really not enough to express our BIG THANK YOU for your support…

 It has been so hectic here especially from November 2015 through to May 2016. We heard from the landlord (Ms. Andrini) of our previous building that we had to move from the building in November 2015, and she gave us only three months to find a new place to run our programs. We were really shocked to hear this bad news. We didn’t know what to do and where would we move by that time. We felt so bad at the prospect of having to potentially having to stop our programs because it would have meant that many children and families who benefited from our programs were facing a grim future.

We didn’t know how to break this news to you, and it took few days for us to think about and build up the courage to let you know.

We were worried that you would be disappointed with the news and maybe think about whether you could continue to support Kampung Kids – but we need not have worried, because we receive some really positive messages of support from most of you. Even some of you offered their help directly to keep our programs running. Finally we found a house (we called it KK2) near our previous building which was also owned by Ms. Andrini, and we were lucky that she agreed to remodel the house in a way that enabled us to continue to run our programs.

Then we re-built the new Kampung Kids house (we call it KK1) in a way that enabled us to run our office work, computer and pre-school programs. Please accept our heartfelt thank you to ANZA Jakarta, the Australian Embassy, PT. Phillips Indonesia, Bank Capital Indonesia and many individuals who we cannot mention individually because there were so many people who pitched in to help us. Your assistance enabled us to keep delivering our programs to the children and families.

We are still in the Pejaten Area and the positive side is that we are in the center of the village, which is so much easier and closer for the children to come and join our programs.

Please come and visit us when you have spare time and even if you live in Jakarta, maybe you could consider joining our programs.

 Kampung Kids Team