The idea for this project started in the garage of one of our Founders, who, during the last three years provided soup, rice, fruit and milk to approximately 30 of the local children. Bahasa English was also taught once a week to the same children and some adults.

Due to the recent economic situation in Jakarta, on September 20, 1999, we began serving soup and rice to approximately 150 children in the village. Additionally, approximately 50 children 5 and under and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers receive a cup of milk. This is presently provided 3 days a week. Kampung kids was legally formed in November 1999.

Who Are We & What Are We Doing
Yayasan Kampung Kids is an organization set up by Indonesian and expatriates for the purpose of providing basic nutrition, healthcare and education for the needy children in our local communities.  Our initial goal is the development of a pilot program to establish the limits of care and services provided, as well as calculate the necessary financial and management resources.

The primary keys to success for this program are: Adequate funding for the implementation/continuation of a pilot program; establishment of a program that easy deployable in similar Kampung communities; grass roots support from persons and/or organization able to fund the pilot program and future programs.

Future Kampungs
The main intent of our pilot program is also to create a template that can readily be replicated by individuals and/or organizations wishing to undertake such a program on their street on in their local communities. Individuals, with the assistance of Camping Kids, their sponsors, and volunteers, could easily implement one of their own. Upon the successful completion of all Phases of Pilot Program Pejaten, having obtained regular funding, we will be ready to offer assistance and guidelines to any individual or organization wishing to do the same in their area. Provided adequate financial aid is obtained, we will also move on to another Camping in Pejaten and implement the same program.