I first heard about Kampung Kids when my wife did some work with them. I ran the Mekaki half marathon in Lombok on 30th April 2017. I finished the race in 2h 15mins and was 12/75 runners. It was a pleasure to be able to raise money for Kampung Kids. With the sponsorship money it means that 5 kids will go to school next year and 8 days of lunches will be paid for. Thanks to Kampung Kids for all the good work that they do and I hope to be able to help again in the future.

All the best



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I’ve worked with and sponsored students at Kampung Kids for over seven years now, before I had children of my own. Now I have three children, two of whom are preschool and primary age, and I can see firsthand how incredibly critical education is for our youth.

All children deserve the chance to learn and that’s why supporting Kampung Kids is so near and dear to my heart.  My children have been lucky enough to grow up with this program and they just started sponsoring their own students this year using money they earned from selling their old clothes and toys.

I chose the youngest students who are similar in age with my eldest daughter so they can grow up and keep learning together.  Please join us in supporting this exceptional program and giving these students the most priceless gift of education.

Terima kasih banyak, Ibu Julia and the Kampung Kids team.